| IT Infrastructure services and solutions |

IT infrastructure failures and service disruptions not only affect daily operations, it canseverely impact your business. Reliable infrastructures that provide both operational excellenceand the flexibility to respond to an enterprise’s strategic changes can mean the difference between success and failure.

Planning, implementing and managing IT infrastructure needs an expertise and experience of products EVS offers the entire spectrum of IT infrastructure that include, servers, virtualization solutions, data networks, networking products, system software, datacentre solutions, data security solutions, storage and back-up and other solutions. Our solutions include business requirements analysis, equipment selection consulting, infrastructure building and subsequent systems maintenance and user training and support services.

We provide customized IT infrastructure solutions including equipment supply, installation and commissioning and facilities management.We have a strong business partnership with leading industry brands that include, Microsoft,FUJITSU, HP, IBM, DELL &Lenovo and many others to create a one stop solution for your end-to-end infrastructure needs.

EVS is known to collaborate with forward – looking customers through the following 3 engagement models:
Systems Integration – Focus on Complex implementation involving multiple technologies with turnkey programme management and partnerships across IT and Non IT like IBMS, Datacenter Build components.

EVS offers complete solutions that follow the most important trends in technology for the construction and development of modern data centers:

  • Virtualisation
  • Consolidation
  • Standardization of IT resources
  • Fault resistance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Information Security

EVS provides development of specialized software solutions, colocation of customer equipment, rental of server equipment , virtualisation, construction and maintenance of private virtual networks. The services we offer ensure the continuity of your business while your customers benefit from the increase in business information security required and its efficiency. Other costumers benefits include lowering the cost of  storage, reducing the risk for the dynamic infrastructure, reducing time needed to reach the full functionality of the system . All this is done in order to meet the growing needs of the business.

EVS will live up to your expectations and will answer all your questions about the trends in construction and operation of data centers, the opportunities for their optimization and the ways of reducing the cost of their maintenance.

We offer:

  • Services for state assessment, design and construction of data centers
  • Services for Installation and migration of servers
  • Services for installation and migration of data store
  • Services for integration and optimization of servers
  • Services for optimization and system integration for data storage
  • Services providing information security
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Virtual servers and infrastructure
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Failover (system protection and recovery)
  • Cloud backup
  • Reliable online backup
  • PCs hosted in the cloud
  • Business telephony (VoIP)